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Hardback Protection

This easy-to-fit Adjustable sleeving is available in four heights to cover all dustjackets up to 380mm (15 inches). The top edge is open making it easy to insert the dustjacket. The bottom edge is pre-sealed requiring no tape. An integrated adhesive strip replaces tape to produce the perfect sleeve.

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Sizing for Adaptaroll


I measured my book height but your Adaptaroll height that fits seems like it would be too large. What should I do?

Buy the suitable size then you can make it shorter to fit your book height.

I have books of various heights, what Adaptaroll height should I purchase?

Measure your tallest book and purchase the height that fits your tallest. You can make it shorter to fit your shorter books.

What is Adaptaroll made from?

Polypropylene and white kraft paper.

Can the product be recycled?

The paper can go in your standard recycle bin. The plastic film needs to be recycled through specialist collections, please return any film as we regularly have plastic recycling collections.