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Adjustable Lyfguards

Adjustable Lyfguards

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Paperback Protection

The ultimate way to retain the appeal of a paperback while giving it the durability of a hardback. These one piece, rigid, transparent, permanent stick-on-covers have a flexible spine and provide the ultimate in paperback protection. They are available in 5 different sizes, with varying spine widths for every size of book. Three additional sizes are available for large format books. 

Code Height Total Width Spine Width Price
A1 186 270 1-21 £1.89
A2 186 270 22-42 £1.89
B1 204 310 1-21 £2.33
B2 204 310 22-42 £2.33
C1 222 350 1-21 £2.93
C2 222 350 22-42 £2.93
D1 258 410 1-21 £3.48
D2 258 410 22-42 £3.48
E1 320 510 1-21 £3.97
E2 320 510 22-42 £3.97
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Sizing for Lyfguards


How do I know which Lyfguard size code to order?

You would be required to measure your book. Measurements are always in millimetres:

  • Measure the height of the front cover first from top to bottom in mm
  • Then measure the width of the front cover (from left to right) in mm
  • Now measure the width of the spine in mm

Lastly the total width = width of front cover x 2 + width of spine.

I measured my book but your Lyfguard size code that fits seems like it would be too large. What should I do?

Buy the suitable size then you can trim it down to fit your book.

Can I take a Lyfguard off my book like a Lyfjacket?

No, sorry. Once it has been stuck down onto the book properly it is adhesive so it cannot be taken off.

What are Adjustable Lyfguards made of?

Polypropylene film and silicone release paper.

Can this product be recycled?

The laminate film needs to be recycled through specialist collections, please return any film as we regularly have plastic recycling collections.