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Eco Friendly Laminate - Pelloplast

Eco Friendly Laminate - Pelloplast

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Partnered with Pelloplast to become their UK distributer of their Self Adhesive Bio Book Covering Film.

High-quality book covering film, recommended by professional users worldwide. Easy to use by hand or automatically in book lamination machines. Products are manufactured in Finland.

Applications: books, magazines, paperbacks and other publications

Film: The vegetable-based BIO book covering films are made from renewable natural resources, without fossil origin raw materials. They provide environmentally friendlier protection against dirt, moisture, wear and tear. Film is transparent, glossy polyethene 90 micron. Film can be recycled in plastic recycling number 4.

Backing material: Siliconised release paper with a printed logo. The silicone is solvent-free. The silicone paper can be disposed of as energy recoverable waste. The printing ink on the backing paper is water-based.

Adhesive: Adhesion has a special delay to enable small adjustments or corrections while laminating the book. Adhesive is water based acrylic dispersion, without any solvents and free of heavy metals.

Available in following rolls:

240 mm x 25m
280 mm x 25m
320 mm x 25m
360 mm x 25m

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What is the raw material of the BIO film?

The film is produced of ethanol that is derived from sugarcane.

What is the Laminate made of?

BIO based polyethylene

Why is your product environmentally friendlieroption?

Our product is Bio-based which means that it is made from renewable resources where traditional plastics are fossil origin. The adhesive in our product is water based instead of traditional solvent based adhesives.

Do you have bigger rolls?

Yes, we manufacture 50m, 100m. Also other widths are possible. Please speak to our customer service team to enquire about MOQ’s.

How should the backing paper be recycled?

The silicone paper can be disposed of as energy recoverable waste.