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Protectasleeve - Box of 250 - Wholesale

Protectasleeve - Box of 250 - Wholesale

Hardback Protection

Protectasleeve is made using 75 micron polypropylene, which is more rigid than PVC. Allowing the protectasleeve to be our cost effective pre cut hard back protection. Supplied in boxes of 250 with over 75 sizes available.

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This is a wholesale only product. For similar hard back protection click below for Adaptaroll which is available to all customers.

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Sizing for Protectasleeves


Does my hardback book require a dust jacket to use this product?

Yes, it is the dust jacket that will slide into the product.

How do I know which size to order?

You would be required to measure your book. Measurements are always in millimetres:

  • Measure the height of the front cover first from top to bottom in mm
  • Then measure the width of the front cover (from left to right) in mm
  • Now measure the width of the spine in mm

Lastly the total width = width of front cover x 2 + width of spine.

Purchase the sleeve that fits that height and total width.

What is Protectasleeve made of?

Polypropylene film and recycled paper.

As you made it out of recycled paper can I recycle the paper?

Yes, the paper can go in your standard recycle bin. The plastic film needs to be recycled through specialist collections, please return any film as we regularly have plastic recycling collections.