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Supaseal - Wholesale

Supaseal - Wholesale

Paperback Protection

Supaseal is the cost effective way of giving your paperback books that hard back feel. Supasleeve delayed action adhesive allows for positioning when fitting. The heavy duty 175 micron laminate is available in 3 sizes and comes in rolls of 50m, manufactured from PVC.

Try Eco Friendly Laminate

This is a wholesale only product. For similar paperback protection click below for Eco Friendly Laminate which is available to all customers.

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Sizing for Supaseal


I measured my book but your Supaseal height seems like it would be too large. What should I do?

Buy the suitable height then you can trim it down to fit your book.

What is Supaseal made of?

PVC and silicone backing paper

Can this product be recycled?

The laminate needs to be recycled through specialist collections, please return any film as we regularly have plastic recycling collections.