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Adjustable Lyfjackets - Special Length

Adjustable Lyfjackets - Special Length

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Size Calculator

Input the width, length and spine in millimetres of your book and our sizing calculator will select the right jacket for you.

Paperback Protection

The most popular cover on the market! Welded wallets available in over 250 sizes and adjustable to fit every thickness of paperback book. A major feature is the rebated tongue enabling the flap to be tucked underneath the rear strap on the back cover. Adjustable Lyfjackets can also be fitted to hardbacks. Order the next size up for hardback books without dust jackets.

Code Height (mm) Width Min. Width Max. Price
144L 144 200 235 £2.24
146L 146 205 240 £2.24
148L 148 210 245 £2.24
150L 150 210 245 £2.24
152L 152 215 260 £2.24
154L 154 215 260 £2.24
164L 164 230 275 £2.24
210S 210 230 275 £2.24
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Sizing for Lyfjackets


Can I use this on a hardback book?

Yes if the hardback book does not have a dust jacket. We recommend adding a couple of extra mm to all your measurements to account for the thickness of the hardboard.

How do I measure a book?

Measurements are always in millimetres:

  • Measure the height of the front cover first from top to bottom in mm
  • Then measure the width of the front cover (from left to right) in mm
  • Now measure the width of the spine in mm
  • Lastly the total width = width of front cover x 2 + width of spine

If it is a hardback book add a couple of extra mm to all your measurements.

Is the code the height of the book?

Yes. Please note however that the total width determines whether you require a Standard or Longer Width Lyfjacket.

If the height if my book measures for example 198mm should I order code 198 or code 200?

Order code 198.

What are Adjustable Lyfjackets made of?


Can this product be recycled?

The plastic film needs to be recycled through specialist collections, please return any film as we regularly have plastic recycling collections.